Backcountry Safety

While we take every precaution towards safety in our programing entering the backcountry holds inherent risk and no guarantee for safety.

That said “safety first” is a fundamental tenet of California Backpacking Camp and is the starting point for every activity we do from day hikes to multi day backpacking trips. Both of our staff are NOLs Wilderness First Responder certified and adhere to the NOLs protocols and procedure in all backcountry safety scenarios. In addition both of our staff have extensive experience working with minors and are trained as educators and caregivers.

In-case of an emergency in the backcountry CaBaCa staff are equipped with medical kits to treat a host of ailments. Staff will also retain the use of a Garmin InReach Mini and be trained on use, such as; the right moment to deploy SOS, how to use the device most effectively, and troubleshooting.

As an educational camp we empower every camper to get comfortable with basic backcountry safety principles and feel confident implementing basic safety protocols such as preventing, recognizing, and treating signs of acute mountains sickness, heat exhaustion, and dehydration.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and often more in the backcountry. Every route we undertake as a camp has been closely vetted, mapped, and backpacked by our staff prior to camp.

Lastly every camper and staff is required to register in California Backpacking Camp’s insurance policy. Our policy covers everything from E.R. visits to emergency air rescue. We do not take any liberties with our insurance policy to ensure campers and staff receive the medical attention they need without delay.


Our first buffer towards COVID-19 is our small group size. We will require all participants to undergo a test prior to camp and will conduct a health screening for each participant upon arrival. Once all participants have been tested and are screened upon arrival we will form a cohort that will be maintained throughout the 3-week program. We will be monitoring participant conditions throughout the program in order to preempt any issues. We will continue to be especially diligent during the last week of camp and encourage all participants to undergo additional testing when they return home.

All participants will be required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination by the camp start date or show proof of a negative viral test for COVID-19 dated the week before camp begins and agree to not socialize with anyone outside of his or her household after the test was completed.