Each week will include a variety of outdoor adventures centered around a 1-3 night backpacking trip including a rock climbing and sea kayaking segment. As we travel around California we will be making stops at various historic and scenic landmarks.



Day 1 : Orientation Day

Day 2-3: Backpacking Los Padres NF

Day 4-7: Backpacking Sequoia NF

Day 8-9: Rock Climbing, Bear Valley

Day 10-11: Northern Sierra Nevada

Day 10-11: Summiting Mount Shasta

Day 12-15: Backpacking Shasta Trinity-Alps NF

Day 16: Humboldt Redwoods SP

Day 17-19: Backpacking Lost Coast Trail

Day 20-21: Backpacking Point Reyes NS

Day 22-24: Sea Kayaking/Backpacking Santa Cruz Island

Our Team

Yehudah “Slug” Rice

Since my first backpacking trip at 15 I have been entranced with outdoor adventure and education. This summer will mark my 6th coordinating and leading backpacking expeditions for teens (prior at Camp YOA). My constant companion in the backcountry is my ukulele named “Cadence”.

My outdoor resume includes summits topping out at the 17,560 feet in the Himalayas to the Pacific Crest Trail (only 200 miles to go!). Most recently I completed a thru hike of the Colorado Trail. When I am not on the road I enjoy living in Santa Barbara, exploring its many hidden gems. During the year I work teaching 4th grade at Santa Barbara Charter School and lead after school educational nature walks for kids of all ages.

After years of helping run large programs all over the country, I am excited to be running a program for a more intimate sized group in my home state of California.

I like slugs because they play an important role in the ecosystem by eating decaying plant material and fungi. They also remind me to slow down.

Milly “Millipede” Roberts

Hey I’m Milly, some know me as Millipede. I’m often exploring the forest floor, and strive for zero food waste and moving with flow like Millipedes. Raised by city dwellers, I’ve taken many friends and family members on their first backpacking trip. I love to create a comfortable and transformative experience outside through awareness and great food & conversation.

I’ve been an Environmental Educator for 3 years in California teaching ages 8-16 through various programs including Hidden Villa Farm & Summer Camp and San Mateo Outdoor Education. I was the Backpacking Lead Instructor for Hidden Villa’s teen Bay to Sea 9-day trek in the Santa Cruz mountains, and I’ve done my fair share of long distance hiking on my own, it’s truly the best vacation. Hiking trips include: 100 miles of the AT in Smokey Mt Wilderness, 60 miles of Vermont Long Trail, 220 miles of Colorado Trail, many short treks through the Sierra and 1,800 miles along the Pacific Coast (that one was on my bicycle).

I look forward to co-creating a powerful experience with some rad young people this summer.

Video Introduction

In this 40-minute video you will get a crash course on all things CaBa Camp. From logistics to our ethos we explore the foundations and every day aspects of what makes our program.

Camp Ethos

CaBa Camp is about empowering youth by getting back in touch with nature through the immediacy of our senses and the responsibility that comes along with surviving and striving in the woods. By gaining access to our own direct experience we remember how to “interact creatively with the seasonal transformations of the planet,” in the words of Wendell Berry. We aim to empower and uplift with the firm belief that life is better when lived outside.