Find Yourself In Nature

June 19 – July 17

Enrollment open for ages 14-18. Save $300 on registration until March 1st.

California Backpacking Camp is a 12-person adventure camp where your teen will be supported facing the arduous challenges of surviving the natural world with a healthy dose of problem solving, team work, and play. No prior experience required.

Our Primary

Educational Focuses


CaBa Camp runs on teamwork. Tents are split into 3 committees: “Kitchen” , “Campsite Management”, and “Loading/Unloading”. Every camper is empowered to be an integral part of camps upkeep. Instead of being told what to do each camper becomes a leader as we move through our month together.

Nature Discovery

California has the greatest diversity in climate, terrain and geology in the US, teeming with an endless array of species. Instead of cramming students full of information we encourage discovery based learning where students explore the environment first hand and develop personal relationship with the flora and fauna. Consider this a lived biology class.

Leave No Trace

“Leave only footprints, take only pictures,” the LNT ethic is one of minimal impact in addition to leaving each environment better than it was found. Becoming aware of the effects each of us has, both the positive and negative ripples, is an awareness essential to becoming a steward of the natural world.

Navigation + Backcountry First Aid

Finding one’s way in the backcountry is a hugely rewarding process. Compounded with the practical know-how of basic wilderness first aid, each camper is imbued with a sense of confidence in the backcountry. The lessons learned are catalyzed when campers return home with the need to navigate their own lives and have to deal with high pressure circumstance.


“As a wilderness instructor myself, I’ve worked with about 30 wilderness guides and can easily say that Yehudah Rice is my favorite. He is warm, caring, fun, goofy, approachable, safe, and charismatic. He strikes a perfect balance between creating structure and safety on the one hand, and freedom, joy, and ease on the other. He has a minimalist style, proving the necessary information for safety, and then gently using natural teaching moments as they arise. I remember one moment where our group was starting to get spread out with some hikers in the front marching on without keeping track of those behind them. I thought we should shout for them. Yehudah instead used it as a teaching moment, letting them walk on down the road, past the trail runoff that they had missed. As a result, those who had marched on eventually realized what they had done and had to hike back. After that, our group naturally took better care of each other and looked out for each other and our surroundings better. In this subtle, gentle way, Yehudah builds a community of leaders on the trail who care for each other and share responsibility and awareness for our surroundings and each other. These are skills and values that easily transfer beyond the trail, into our daily lives back home. I wholeheartedly recommend Yehudah and know all who learn from him are lucky for the experience.”

Luke J.

“Yehudah’s confidence-inspiring attitude and wealth of backcountry knowledge have helped me immensely, both in my time hiking with him and when I have ventured off on my own adventures! My summer at camp was fun-filled and comfort-zone shattering and is a time I will cherish forever.”

Simcha F.

“Yehudah is a caring and enthusiastic counselor. He has a lot of patience helping every camper on their own level, whether it is giving them a supportive push or helping them tape their blisters. But at the same time he is the most hype and inspiring counselor I’ve ever had!”

Mike B.

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